The Art of Marriage and Family Therapy (AMFT) is a “ State-of-The-Art“ and well equipped center for family and child counseling. The first of its kind in Dubai Healthcare City, UAE. Where one can expect to be treated in an ethical and professional manner. Utmost sensitivity will be shown to all clients’ feelings and concerns, as well as their intimate issues.

All will be treated with top confidentiality. AMFT assures all clients to feel relieved after the first visit because experienced and well-trained healthcare professionals, Clinical Psychologists, and Psychotherapists, will be attending to their concerns and questions. AMFT takes people’s needs seriously.

Our staff will make sure to respond to your initial email requests/ phone calls within 24 hours and can provide you an appointment within 48 hours. AMFT can also accommodate emergency cases, and offers flexible timings for weekends and evenings appointments- as needed!a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me.​

Our Vision Statement​

​To be recognized as one of the best centers in the region offering Child and Adolescents Psychological Assessment, as well as Family and Marriage Counseling.To offer essential psychological services for children, individuals, married people, and families.To offer a services with continued highest standards, professional respect, and commitment.​

Our Mission Statement​​

To provide a trusting and safe psychological environment where one can be encouraged to address his/her concerns and then change.

To enable our clients to live a healthy life as fully functioning human beings, through an environment that promotes the process of positive therapeutic relationships and personal growth.

To improve the health and living situations of patients who suffer from psychological or psychiatric conditions and diseases.

The goal of Family, Marital, and Individual Counseling is to help attain insight into the repressed conflicts which are the source of difficulty. Through professional evaluation or counseling assessment, individuals can gain more control and a strong sense of emotional support and belonging.
​This in return will have profound effects on these individuals’ biological system. Since successful coping also depends on having a sense of future, the emotional aspects of a person can make a difference and need attention.​

Our Scope of Practice

At AMFT, our scope of practice is to offer psychological assessments, and assessments to children, young adults, individuals, couples, families, groups, organisations and/or the general public.

Psychologists, and psychotherapists working at AMFT are locally and internationally licensed. Some completed recognized courses of trainings and degrees in clinical psychology and in psychotherapy from highly accredited educational institutions in the US, Germany, Italy, and UK.

In addition, mental health providers at AMFT receive continuous training, feedback, and evaluations. This is accomplished through the work with other mental health providers and the attendance of scientifically based meetings and conferences.