​Welcome to the homepage of the Art of Marriage and Family Therapy, English and Arabic speaking psychologists practice in Dubai, catering primarily to Families, Couples and Child Therapy, overseen by principal clinical psychologist Dr. Eman Al Amari. Dr. Amari is an experienced child psychologist and marriage counsellor, with a focus on Islamic counselling in a modern context.

In many societies, including ours, we live through a vast transition period that leaves us under a lot of distress.  At times, life can be extremely difficult to cope with.  We may have had a lonely childhood or as an adult we may seem to have always been dealt with a rotten hand.​

​Whatever the reason, life is tough and occasionally we need a little time and a helping hand to gather our thoughts so that we can think clearly and make life choices that are beneficial to us.  Moreover, as the world changes at a rate unimaginable even a few years ago, it is increasingly difficult to stay connected to fundamental skills and values.​

In our modern societies, no one is going to slow down the world, nor would many of us want to.  Life issues are common problems; issues and crises that happen to normal people living normal lives.  Examples include managing one’s relationships so that they are healthy and functional, surviving disabilities, coping with grief, loss, self-esteem issues, and caring for a sick family member or a sick child.

Tackling our modern day life involves a lot of stress which affects our physical and emotional functions.  Illness, infidelity, sex, anger, communication problems – all can contribute to distress in marriages and families, or other relationships.  Family and marriage counseling in Dubai, with a registered professional therapist, can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds.

​Self-knowledge is seen as an important key to changing attitudes and behaviors.  Psychotherapy techniques and streams, including couples therapy and family relationship counselling, may involve the development of insight as to how our physical health may be compromised in many ways by emotional and relationship issues.  The goal of family counseling and psychotherapy is to help individuals attain insight into the repressed conflicts which are the source of difficulty.

​Through professional assessment and counselling in Dubai at Art of Marriage and Family Therapy, individuals can gain more control and a stronger sense of emotional support and belonging.  This in return will have profound effects on these individual’s biological system. Since successful coping also depends on having a sense of future, the emotional aspects of a person can make a difference and need attention.

At The Art of Marriage & Family Therapy, you will be helped to understand yourself and your past, as well as your present and future.  We are here to hear you and it is time to talk about it!  If you know someone who suffers from any psychological problem and cannot seek help, you can support and encourage them, and gently express concern.

The best thing you can do is to learn to attentively listen and offer them information where help is available.  Share this website, help your friend or family member to gather information if they are open to your help.  Be encouraging – there can be a lot of road blocks in searching for the right help.

Wishing you good mental health!

Dr. Eman AL- Amari

AMFT Executive Director

Clinical Psychologist & Public Health Practitioner. MA. PhD. USA