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About Us

Tackling our modern-day life involves a lot of stress which affects our physical and emotional functions. Illness, communication problems, infidelity, family and marriage problems, sexual issues and anger— all can contribute to distress in marriages/ families and human relationships.

However, family and Marriage Counselling can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds. Many developing societies, such as in some Gulf countries, are living through vast transitions that put us under a lot of distress. At times life can be extremely difficult to cope with. We may have had a lonely childhood or as an adult, we may seem to be always dealing with the wrong hand. We may have lived with many family issues and family problems. We may want to live happily but do not know-how. Whatever is the reason, life is tough and on occasions, we need a little time and a helping hand to gather our thoughts so that we can think clearly and make healthy life choices that are essential to us.

Moreover, as the world changes at a rate unimaginable even a few years ago, it is increasingly difficult to stay connected to fundamental skills and values. In our modern societies, no one is going to slow down the world, nor would many of us want to! Life issues are common problems, issues and crises that happen to normal people living normal lives. Examples include managing one’s relationships so that they are healthy and functional; surviving disabilities, coping with grief, loss, self-esteem issues, and raising or caring for a sick family remember or a sick child. Access to health care alone is not enough to cope with the stress people face on a daily basis. Such a fact is often missing in most developing populations in the world. For example, in some places in the Middle East and among people living in developing societies, some tend to think that a stable and healthy lifestyle is impossible to achieve. However, there is increasing evidence establishing the effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy on reducing levels of conflicts and damaging stress chemicals in our brain, which in return lead to successful coping methods and healthy living. Recently, more people are seeking better and healthy lifestyles and seeking psychological advice to cope with conflicts they normally face. These conflicts often make it hard for us to manage our lives and achieve our goals. 

         The goal of Family, Marital, Child and Adolescents Counselling is to help attain insight into the repressed conflicts which are the source of the difficulty. Through professional psychiatric evaluation, psychological counselling and assessments, individuals can gain more control and a strong sense of emotional support and belonging. This in return will have profound effects on these individuals’ psychological and biological systems. Since successful coping also depends on having a sense of the future; the emotional aspects of a person can make a difference and need professional attention

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Art of Marriage and Family Therapy- AMFT

The Art of Marriage and Family Therapy Center (AMFT) is a “State-of-The-Art “and well equipped center for family and marriage counseling and psychiatrist services. It was the first of its own in Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai, UAE.  At AMFT one can expect to be treated in an ethical and professional manner. In AMFT we respect all and we are sensitive to our clients’ feelings and concerns, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, as well as their intimate issues.  Therefore, all discussed issues are treated with top confidentiality.  AMFT assures all clients to feel relieved and better after the first visit, because experienced and well trained healthcare professionals (Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists-Psychotherapists) will be attending to their concerns, and needs.

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Our Vision

AMFT vision is to be recognized as one of the best Family and Marriage counseling Centers in the area. Offering essential services- for families in need, following high practices standards and quality, along with continued professional respect and commitment.

Scope of Practice

The practice of AMFT focuses on offering psychiatric and psychological counselling and assessment to individuals, couples, families, children, groups, organisations, and the public sectors. All who are in need for psychotherapeutic and pharmacological type of assessments and interventions. Our therapy approaches include the practice of psychotherapy and/or the application of psychotherapeutic knowledge, skills, understanding, principles, and methods. Psychologists and Psychotherapists working in AMFT have completed essential education and hold degrees of training in psychiatry, clinical psychology, and in psychotherapy form highly qualified educational institutions and universities, like those in the United States and Europe. In addition, mental health providers working in AMFT get continuous training experiences, feedback and evaluations through working with other physicians and mental health providers nationally and internationally. AMFT collaborates with many highly qualified psychiatrists and physicians from different fields, inside and outside Dubai, UAE. 

Our Mission

AMFT’s main aim is to provide a trusting therapeutic relationship and commitment, where one can be encouraged to change so he/she can live as a fully functioning healthy human being, in an environment that promotes the process of positive therapeutic relationships and personal growth. Our aim also includes improving the general psychological health and living situations of patients/ clients suffering from psychological conditions and some treatable psychiatric diseases.

our history

Development Process Of AMFT

We have spent many years to reach here.
1996 1996
2000 2000
2008 2008
2011 2011

1996 - 1998 in KSA Al Amal hospital

2000 - 2005 in United States

2008 - 2011 in DHCC Dubai

Since 2011 with  AMFT Jumeirah Dubai UAE


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AMFT does not have direct billing agreements with all insurance companies.  Majority of cases need to pay us directly, then apply for full refund/ compensation from their insurance companies, with our help in filling their provided insurance forms. We encourage you to contact your insurance before booking an appointment with AMFT.

Yes, we apply discounts for students with students’ ID. AMFT also offers a special discount on the counseling package which consists of 10 sessions. More information available in our welcome whatsapp greeting SMS.

AMFT follows a strict cancellation policy. If and for any reason, you are not able to keep your appointment, AMFT needs a 24 hours advanced cancellation notice. This is to avoid any charges for missed or not cancelled appointments. Please note that less than 24 hours ’ cancellation makes it difficult for us to replace the cancelled appointment with another. Also, this will help us provide that time reserved for those who may be on a waiting list.

AMFT is dedicated to keeping your records and information confidential. AMFT offers all patients and clients top confidentiality on all information discussed. AMFT follows a 100 percent confidentiality policy.

Yes, we do offer phone and online counseling sessions. Same conditions are applied. Payments need to be made in advance.

AMFT offers a one hour of counseling sessions. A total of 45-50 minutes. If more time is required, extra fees will be charged. We recommend that we are informed before the session if more time is needed to avoid charges.

AMFT offers one hour of counseling sessions, of 45-50 minutes.  If more time is required, extra fees will be applied. We recommend that we are informed before the scheduled session if more time is needed- to avoid additional charges.

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