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Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that involves working with several people at the same time. It is best used for Social Skills Developments in areas such as depression, adjustment issues, phobias, addictive behaviors,  law self-esteem, psychoeducation of participants on their disorders and coping methods.

  • It can be formed of a small group of 4 individuals, and a maximum of 12. Meetings are normally arranged once or twice a week.  It’s for Individuals with the same type of problems, interests or psychological issues.
  • It is a very useful and powerful counseling approach. It follows a comprehensive treatment plan for each participant, and involves individual therapy medication, as needed.
  • Group therapy can be used for different types of issues and can be very helpful for individuals who have difficulties addressing their problems.
  • Group therapy provides great support to the group members, and can help them find their inner voice while facing their troubling issues.
  • Individuals in group therapy can see other members as role models and this often helps them feel “not alone” they are not alone, and that suffering is universal.
  • Group therapy can be an open or closed therapy session, depending on nature and topics addressed. It follows very strict and confidentiality plans, to assure a safe environment for participants during therapy sessions.

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