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  • At AMFT, we place a great emphasis on children’s and adolescents’, emotional, behavioural, academic and mental health well-being. Child and adolescent counseling and therapy offer psychological and emotional support, to help them understand and resolve conflicts they normally face, either with friends or family members. Counseling can help them recognize and change problematic behaviours, this in return will better their self-esteem and psychological well-being.
  • Researchers have proven that children and teens face serious difficulties growing up. If they are left untreated from these psychological traumas and stressful situations, they may develop serious mental illness in adulthood.
  • Counseling children and adolescents with presenting problems are very important. Mental health interventions used for children and teens (also known as child/ teenagers psychotherapy) vary with respect to the age and the nature of the problem. Although such interventions share some approaches, treatment methods can be quite different from one another. Child and Adolescent Therapy’s main focus is on issues affecting the child healthy development such as the history of family pathology, unusual developments and breakdowns, family dynamics,  history of abuse, mental and psychological disorders, communications abnormalities, developmental challenges such as Autism, ADHD, anxiety, fear (bedwetting) eating abnormalities, and depression.

AMFT provides different types of assessment in areas such as, IQ and ADHD.