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If you have any questions please contact us we will answer your questions via email as
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    We list here the most frequently asked questions by our clients/ patients. If you feel that your question was not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you with your query as soon as possible. We thank you for your time and trust.

    AMFT does not have direct billing agreements with all insurance companies.  Majority of cases need to pay us directly, then apply for full refund/ compensation from their insurance companies, with our help in filling their provided insurance forms. We encourage you to contact your insurance before booking an appointment with AMFT.

    Yes, we apply discounts for students with students’ ID. AMFT also offers a special discount on the counseling package which consists of 10 sessions. More information available in our welcome whatsapp greeting SMS.

    AMFT follows a strict cancellation policy. If and for any reason, you are not able to keep your appointment, AMFT needs a 24 hours advanced cancellation notice. This is to avoid any charges for missed or not cancelled appointments. Please note that less than 24 hours ’ cancellation makes it difficult for us to replace the cancelled appointment with another. Also, this will help us provide that time reserved for those who may be on a waiting list.

    AMFT is dedicated to keeping your records and information confidential. AMFT offers all patients and clients top confidentiality on all information discussed. AMFT follows a 100 percent confidentiality policy.

    Yes, we do offer phone and online counseling sessions. Same conditions are applied. Payments need to be made in advance.

    AMFT offers a one hour of counseling sessions, of 45-50 minutes.  If more time is required, extra fees will be applied. We recommend that we are informed before the scheduled session if more time is needed- to avoid additional charges.