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Psychological Services & Assessments

Our main goal is to provide a trusting therapeutic environment which will promote healthy healing, personal growth and desired psychological development in all areas

Pre-Marital/ Relationships Counseling Services in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari.

Pre-Marriage Assessments – Anger Issues -Personalities Analysis- Couples’ Psychoeducation- Relationships’ Conflicts - Destructive Jealousy- Physical/ Verbal/ Psychological Abusive Relationships – Infidelity Issues- Sexual Disorders -Financial Worries

Marriage Counseling / Couples Therapy in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari.

Marriage Assessments – Relationships’ Conflicts - Abusive Relationships – Fertility Issues Destructive Jealousy - Infidelity - Sexual Disorders - Divorce & Separation - Mid-Life Crisis – Boredom – Parenting Styles

Child & Adolescents Counseling / Therapy for Kids in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari

IQ Assessments - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) - Autism - Personality-Related Psychometrics - Phobias - Sexual Abuse -Adjustment Disorders - Depression -Anxiety - Mood & Sleep Disorders -Self-esteem & Self-Confidence - Eating Disorders

Family Therapy / Counseling Services in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari

Family Structure & Dynamics -Family Conflicts - Family Functioning/ Pathology - Family Support System -Family Interactions - Family Beliefs - Family Destructive Behaviors – Family Strengths and Weakness - Geriatrics and Elders Issues –.

Adoption Assessments / Trainings Services in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari.

Parents’ Psychological Assessments - Parents’ Readiness Assessment - Adoption Guidance & Support -Adoption Psycho education - Child & Parents’ Adjustment Issues –Parents’ Roles & Concerns - Child Developmental Issues – General Adoption Roles and.

Art & Play Therapy/ Counseling Services in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari.

Drawings & Art Therapy – Expressive non Verbal Psychotherapy - Psychological Traumas – Mental Illnesses - Sexual Abuse - Stress & Anxiety - Phobias – Depression –Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health and Well-Being Improvements
mental health therapist

Group Therapy/ Counseling Services in Dubai by Dr. Eman Amari.

Addictive Behaviors - Eating Disorders – Confidence / Self esteem Issues – Behavioral Modifications – Group Support - Work / Employment Conflicts – Social Skills Development –Divorce & Separation Concerns- Fear & Phobias –.
Psychometric assessments

Psychometrics & Psychological Assessments in Dubai by Psychologist Dr. Eman Amari.

IQs / Raven IQ Test /ADHD Assessments - Beck Depression Scale - GAD Anxiety Assessment -Personalities Related Assessments – Incomplete Sentence Blank - Well-Being Inventory - Schizophrenia - OCD - Bipolar Disorder - Wender.