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  • Adoption assessments, is a therapeutic process through which couples and parents who intend to adopt a child can be evaluated psychologically. It is a basic assessment for psychological and emotional stability, in addition to the readiness of the parents for adopting a child.
  • This can be done through specific procedure and analysis of the parents and the circumstances around such a decision.
  • During this process, parents will receive proper guidance and support, which will help them understand their strengths and weaknesses as parents.
  • This includes the assessment of the existence of any mental or psychological disorders, family history of parents, medical history, personality issues, parenting plans and style, financial issues, and overall interpersonal skills.
  • The evaluation is a form of a clinical interview with each prospective parent, and the administration of psychological assessments and evaluation.
  • The main goal in conducting the adoption assessment is not only to evaluate each prospective parent’s candidacy for adoption, but also to provide guidance to prospective parents about how to develop a healthy, close and loving relationship with their adopted child.
  • Adoption analysis is significant for the safety of the family and the adopted child; as some children face emotional and behavioral challenges, difficulty attaching to the adopted parents, and PTSD symptoms when trauma has occurred.
  • The adoption assessment provides the prospective parents significant information prior to bringing the child home.

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