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Health mental stress windows on organic diseases Dr. Iman Al-Ammari, clinical specialist for family and marital counseling at the Art of Family Counseling Center in Dubai, confirmed that societies are passing through our current era, the era of openness, or what is known as the era of anxiety and the contradictions of life with complex problems and crises that threaten the entity of families and shake the values ​​and concepts of psychological stability in them, indicating that the increase in intensity Problems of all kinds are considered one of the most important reasons for the emergence of mental illnesses, and then the organic health of a large segment of members of societies. She said in an interview with “Al Bayan” that many documented American studies confirmed that chronic psychological stress has a close relationship with health diseases, such as some types of cancer, calling for training the soul to get out of any psychological problems that may affect the composition of cells and various biological reactions in the body. She added that the main problem is that some consider illness or psychological crisis a shame that must be hidden and ignored, so the result is that the situation or psychological pressure of the individual worsens, which leads him to do unpleasant actions such as ignoring responsibilities and deviation or divorce as an attempt to escape from the problem instead of dealing with it and finding Solve it. The following is the text of the interview: What are the most important family problems caused by the absence of the role of parents in raising children? The family is undoubtedly threatened and no longer coherent as it was in the past due to the overlap of many reasons, including the economic, such as the mother’s exit to work, and the social, such as openness to the other without controls, indicating that family problems are spread among Gulf families, like many countries of the world, with The severity of the problem varied from one country to another, as the composition of psychological families differed, influenced by several reasons, including social, cultural, and other psychological and material reasons. As for the social causes, among them are the reality of globalization and the phenomenon of mixing cultures, in addition to the high ceiling of children’s freedom and the decline in the authority of parents over them, in addition to the pressures and changes of life at the present time that sometimes lead to the work of the mother and father together, and the mother’s stay, especially outside the home for a short period, which leads To a failure to perform their duties with children, especially if the situation continues for a long period of time. This results in unhealthy independence among members of the same family and the failure of some to participate in decisions and actions far from the control and direction of the mother and the father, and this results in deviations in thinking and behavior, especially when the external influences are negative, stressing that the parents represent a strong deterrent, punishment, positive support and psychological stability for children . Cultural reasons What about the effect of different customs and the lack of dialogue between spouses? The cultural causes affecting mental disorders are represented in the different customs and traditions, incompatibility of ideas, tendencies, trends, adherence to opinion, lack of language of dialogue between spouses and between family members, and neglect of its importance in the process of building a family to face the pressures and problems of life. Scientific studies have shown that the lack of awareness of family members of the importance of family communication and dialogue and the reduction of them creates an atmosphere devoid of intimacy and transparency, an imbalance in the family balance, the dispersion of roles and the emergence of problems. There is no doubt that the loss or disappearance of the emotional relationship, affection and love between the spouses and the focus of the family relationship on providing the basics of daily life such as food and drink and the expected marital needs only, without focusing on the basics of family development, a correct psychological development that makes the marital relationship characterized by apathy and aversion to confronting the obligations imposed between spouses towards the other And towards the family, and then the coldness begins between the spouses and extends to the children in direct and indirect ways, which leads to the increase in problems, emotions and frequent and exaggerated conflicts most of the time, and the mismatch between the roles expected of family members in general includes the difference in the methods of raising children and making decisions Effective in managing family affairs. Financial reasons What is the impact of the financial crisis on household stability? The lack of financial resources leads to the failure to meet all the requirements of the family, thus increasing the pressure on the head of the family, forcing the mother to go out to work to provide the material and the consequent preoccupation with caring for her family’s affairs. In addition, the current economic crisis has added increasing pressure on the general situation of the family, especially families affected by the situation, which has resulted in exposing some families to potentially violent shocks that break and disperse their members. The role of psychology How does clinical psychology help individuals deal with the problems of the times as they become more frequent and more frequent? I would like to mention that various psychology sciences, such as clinical psychology, provide services that deal with the psychological states of the individual and help prepare him to address the problems faced by all members of society, healthy and unhealthy, with the aim of helping the human soul to live a life of less anxiety, more happiness and contentment, especially since global studies have proven The effectiveness of psychology and psychological counseling to face the strenuous pressures of life. Human relations have important aspects that must be identified with the help of specialists to adapt them to benefit the individual in all areas of life and called upon those who find themselves in an abnormal psychological state to seek the necessary advice and assistance from the competent authorities, and not pretend that the problem does not exist or adhere to false beliefs. For example, some believe that time is sufficient to solve or hide problems with time, or when children grow up and conditions change. In addition to this, the need to educate the individual, spouses and those concerned through the necessary courses or consulting specialists in the matter, and simple organization and planning to face life problems and pressures, if any, and the individual’s understanding of his responsibilities and capabilities and bearing the results of fateful decisions before they are made in the right of the individual or family. A website to spread psychological culture in society Do you have a website, what does it include and what services are expected to be obtained by browsing it? The website is concerned By introducing its visitors to the services provided by the center, such as family, marital or individual counseling, it also aims to contribute to educating the browser by spreading psychological culture in general among visitors, and correcting the concept of psychological counseling, especially for some, in addition to correcting false or inaccurate beliefs about the role of the psychologist or The family, if any, and the site aims to provide a section concerned with answering some questions, or accessing some information. What are the cases that come to the center and what are the most common diseases in the country in particular and in the Arab world in general? One of the most common diseases in the Gulf in general is a feeling of stress and anxiety, in addition to a feeling of depression and mood swings, a feeling of tension and disruption of family and social relations, and the occurrence of early divorce cases for reasons that can sometimes be resolved if the owners are properly directed by specialists, and most of the current cases that Frequent on the center are marital disputes that negatively affect behavior and psychological states. Balanced generation How can we create a balanced, psychologically and healthy generation in light of the tremendous changes that families are experiencing? In front of the aforementioned reality, we, those concerned and the heads of families must invest in modern science and adapt aspects of development to fit with our Gulf Arab customs that have a special characteristic and with the teachings of our true Islamic religion to prepare promising generations capable of taking responsibility and leading the development and serving themselves and their societies in the march of progress and thoughtful progress and keeping pace with the West Without any inconsistency. Are diseases of our times healthy or psychological, and to be more precise, do mental illnesses turn into organic diseases? Gulf societies in our current era, the electronic age, or what is known as the era of anxiety and the contradictions of life, are experiencing many problems and complex crises that threaten the health and happiness of our families, and shake the values ​​and concepts of our psychological stability. Modern life has produced a great diversity and modernity in the ways of life, education and living despite the advantages of these Novelties when used in their proper and useful way. It has very harmful drawbacks when it is misused, such as the emergence of psychological and physical suffering in the inability of some to cope with the permanent developments, which necessitated this in many cases to review hospitals and clinics seeking treatment and treatment and in an effort to find psychological stability .. As many documented American studies indicated that chronic psychological pressures have Close relationship with health diseases. Opening up to the other without any controls or mechanisms, does it exacerbate social and moral problems? Openness to other cultures is one of the most important reasons for advancement and civilization, provided that any society is aware that communicating with the other does not affect our constants and taking from them within controls and standards to benefit from everything that is useful, and to discard what is foreign and contrary to the recipient’s psychological, social and cultural habits. The most important basic points for building a healthy and normal society is to educate the Arab and Gulf community and families about the culture of healthy psychological education to create moderate individuals, and to prepare courses for young men and women coming to the husband to develop a sense of responsibility before marriage, in addition to courses for those who wish to understand and build a healthy marital relationship and a healthy and psychologically sound family after marriage. All of this will help us prepare a generation and generations that are able to mix with other cultures in order to gain studied development and not be affected by extraneous influences on our conservative societies, and not to mix the original community identity with the surrounding cultures and extraneous customs, in addition to correcting the concept of correct civilization among our families, our sons and daughters. 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